1 Over 2 Right Purl Cross (1/2 RPC)

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The 1 over 2 right purl cross is a three-stitch cable where there is one column of one knit stitch and one column of two purl stitches. The left knit stitch crosses over the column of purl stitches, creating a cable that slants upwards and to the right.


Western Method

With A Cable Needle

  1. Slip two stitches purlwise to a cable needle.
  2. Hold the cable needle to the back of the work.
  3. Knit one stitch from the left needle.
  4. Purl two stitches from the cable needle.

Tutorial Video

No Cable Needle

  1. With the yarn in front, slip the next two stitches purlwise onto the right needle.
  2. Knit one stitch from the left needle.
  3. Move the working yarn to the front of the work.
  4. From the back of the work, insert the left needle through the second and third stitches on the right needle.
  5. Slide the second and third stitches onto the left needle, dropping the first stitch from the right needle.
  6. From the front of the work, slip the free knit stitch onto the right needle.
  7. Knit the slipped stitch from the left needle.

Tutorial Video